HTTPS - TLS 1.3 : Todos nuestros servidores han sido actualizados al nuevo protocolo de seguridad

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Hosting, safe and easy to use. Made for online successful projects. Benefit from its high reliability, security and enterprise feature set.

The Net

We understand that our clients expect the best from us and that is why we offer professional and quality services. Our operations are monitored 24x7x365 by qualified engineers, both on and off site.

99% Uptime

Before order hosting it is important to know how it works, so we show you our service performance statistics. Our cloud platform offers network redundancy to keep your services online.


Antivirus, Malware and AntiSpam software that will help you search for dangerous content. In addition to our DDOS system, our Firewall will be alert to any web, ftp or mail attack to block it in seconds.

1 Click activations

Install in 1 click a lot of applications such as WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Mambo, phpWiki, Commerce, CSM, etc ... so you can easily create your website or online store, you have hundreds of scripts.

Support Center

Our team is monitoring and updating the servers so that your website and your email are always available. Focus on your projects forgetting about the technical details, ask us what you need.

Components and Services

Persits Components AspJpeg , AspUpload , AspEmail , AspPDF , AspEncrypt . Office Converter DocPDF from Office files to PDF and vice versa. Chilkat Components with functions de (Ftp2, Gzip, Imap, POP3, Ping , Whois , DNS , Wait , ZIP).

What do you need ?

Choose your hosting at the price that interests you

Pack Fast

To start building your website and growing

48€/ year Yearly contract discount
  • 500 Mb Space
  • 5 Gb Traffic
  • 2 accounts Emails
  • Windows or Linux
  • Panel Plesk o CPanel/WHM
  • PHP 7.3 / 8.0

Pack Confort

Created to support huge projects

FREE Domain
180€/ year Yearly contract discount
  • 10 Gb Space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Windows or Linux
  • Panel Plesk o CPanel/WHM
  • MySql MariaDB


A stable system to use for a long time makes possible the operation of different applications and security features that gives our servers the necessary security to cover all needs.

Windows 2022

Windows Server helps organizations run their workloads securely, enable hybrid cloud integration, and update their applications to meet demanding IT needs.


Our servers have enabled secure connections TLS 1.3, which is the new version of the cryptographic protocol whose main purpose is to allow us to establish secure connections over the Internet. Improve communication security.

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